27th and 28th June 2015

9 – Primrose Villa, Lower Street, Ruscombe GL6 6BU





Sloping cottage garden on south-west, facing hillside. Biodynamically grown vegetables in deep beds and flowers grown to attract insects. Lawns in the process of becoming wild flower meadows. There is a very small wildlife pond and lots of composting areas. The garden has been looked after organically for 30 years by Phil and Sally.



Talk to me about

  • ∗Raised beds
  • ∗Wildflower meadows instead of lawns
  • ∗Biodynamic gardening
  • ∗Green manure
  • ∗Cultivating insects in the garden


Come up Whiteshill. After church on right, turn left into Lower Street; car parking near community shop. Walk along Lower Street, behind school, past postbox at The Shard and go slightly downhill. Primrose Villa is on the left below road level with parking at the top for 2 cars only.