27th and 28th June 2015

Inedible Edible Garden

We have been hard at work making our INEDIBLE EDIBLE GARDEN.

The idea was to have something that we could put on a stall as a talking point for us to talk about the ideas behind Transition Stroud and also to advertise our Edible Open Garden. Some of the team who are rather crafty came up with the idea of a knitted garden and Fran, who is excellent at patchwork, made the beautiful backdrop.

100_5912 (2)

Transition Stroud invites other knitters or crochet-ers to contribute to the Inedible Edible Garden and join in the fun!  Send us a honeybee (5cm long) and we will give it a good home.  To be true to life, we would also like some of the usual garden problems such as slugs and snails and for the adventurous, a woolly fork and spade has been suggested, size: 25cm long). 

Here’s a nice website for a honey bee pattern.

If you’re any good at making something up from a picture here’s some inspiration for those slugs and snails and other creatures.